QtimeFX provides PAMM program that allows anyone to gain profit through indirect investment, without directly trading in the market.

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PAMM ACCOUNTShare of the manager and their investors

A manager creates a PAMM Account, Starts trading and designs his Proposal for investors.


Investors choose a manager in the PAMM account Rating and invest money in their account.

PAMM ACCOUNT Share of the manager and their investors image

PAMM managers will disclose their plans to investors for trading purposes. Investors can invest in amounts from as little as $ 100 up to the maximum cap. In the case of investors analysis, the PAMM managers proposal and take the decision to invest.

The manager keeps on trading on his PAMM account using both their personal capital and the funds of their investors. The better the manager’s trading results, the better their position in the Ratings.

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The Manager performs trading transactions. If PAMM manager keeps performing good output, it will be good for everyone.

PAMM ACCOUNTIn our example 200% profits. Now balance = 1,500 USD:
PAMM ACCOUNT In our example 200% profits image

Managers' profits are distributed in proportion to their own investment. PAMM manager gets a reward for his work and gets a certain commission from investors.


  • PAMM broker acts as an independent guarantor that obligations of a PAMM manager and an investor are to be fulfilled. It results in the following advantage.

  • The profitable trader may receive profit from the management of both own and investors’ funds.

  • Trader (PAMM manager) may not take money of investors and go away. Although the capital of investors is managed by PAMM manager, he/she cannot withdraw it.

  • Easy of investing in PAMM accounts of various PAMM managers within a single service. The investor can deposit his/her account once and allocate his/her capital among several PAMM managers.

  • An investor may diversify risks by allocating capital among several PAMM accounts.

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