With our high-standard Affiliate Program, QtimeFX helps you boost your stable income to achieve your revenue expectations.

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QtimeFX Affiliate Program provides you with transparent and competitive commissions for referring clients to QtimeFX. Become our partner and promote your own referral link & code to your friends and clients. Whenever you attract more clients to QtimeFX, you will get highly lucrative remunerations.

Steps to get Referral Link & Affiliates Code

  1. Sign up with QtimeFX.
    Once you are logged in to QtimeFX website,
    the Dashboard of trader’s room will pop up.

  2. Submit your IB application in the [IB Account] menu, on the left side of the page.

  3. Once your IB application is approved, you will get your own referral link and an affiliate code.

  4. User Guide - How to get your referral Link & Affiliates Code



Earn your commissions with your Referral Link & Affiliates Code

Promote and share your referral link and affiliate code to your friends and clients. When they sign up in QtimeFX website through your referral link or affiliate code, they will be your own clients automatically and you can get commissions whenever they make transaction.

What we offer

  • High conversion rate

  • Advanced trading & analysis tools

  • Transparent & superior technology platforms

  • No hidden charges or fees

  • Outstanding & flexible trading services

  • Full marketing support for free

  • Full performance tracking and reporting systems

  • 24 hours support

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