Refer to the listed Market holidays to trade smarter and efficiently. Create your own strategy using Market holidays.

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Date Country Holiday Name
1-Jan-19 Australia New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 Great Britain New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 Germany New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 Hong Kong New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 Canada New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 Poland New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 Spain New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 China New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 Switzerland New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 USA New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 France New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 Japan New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 New Zealand New Year's Day
1-Jan-19 Russia New Year's Day
2-Jan-19 Russia New Year's Day
2-Jan-19 New Zealand New Year holidays
2-Jan-19 Switzerland Berchtold's Day
2-Jan-19 Poland Holiday
2-Jan-19 Japan New Year holidays
2-Jan-19 Japan New Year holidays
6-Jan-19 Spain Epiphany
7-Jan-19 Spain Epiphany
8-Jan-19 Russia Christmas
14-Jan-19 Japan Coming-of-Age Day
21-Jan-19 USA Martin Luther King Day
21-Jan-19 New Zealand Wellington Anniversary Day
28-Jan-19 New Zealand Auckland Anniversary Day
28-Jan-19 Australia Australia Day
4-Feb-19 China Chinese New Year
5-Feb-19 China Chinese New Year
5-Feb-19 Hong Kong Lunar New Year
6-Feb-19 China Chinese New Year
6-Feb-19 Hong Kong Lunar New Year
6-Feb-19 New Zealand Waitangi Day
7-Feb-19 China Chinese New Year
7-Feb-19 Hong Kong Lunar New Year
8-Feb-19 China Chinese New Year
9-Feb-19 China Chinese New Year
10-Feb-19 China Chinese New Year
11-Feb-19 Japan National foundation day
18-Feb-19 Canada Family Day
18-Feb-19 USA Presidents' Day
23-Feb-19 Russia Defender of the Fatherland Day
28-Feb-19 Spain Andalucía Day
1-Mar-19 Switzerland Republic Day
1-Mar-19 Spain Balearic Day
8-Mar-19 Russia Women's Day
19-Mar-19 Switzerland St. Joseph's Day
19-Mar-19 Spain St. Joseph's Day
21-Mar-19 Israel Purim
21-Mar-19 Japan Vernal Equinox Day
25-Mar-19 New Zealand Otago Anniversary Day
4-Apr-19 Switzerland Näfelser Fahrt
4-Apr-19 Spain Feast of San Vincent Ferrer
5-Apr-19 China Ching Ming Festival
5-Apr-19 Hong Kong Ching Ming Festival
15-Apr-19 Switzerland Sechseläuten
16-Apr-19 USA Emancipation Day
18-Apr-19 Spain Maundy Thursday
19-Apr-19 Australia Good Friday
19-Apr-19 Great Britain Good Friday
19-Apr-19 Germany Good Friday
19-Apr-19 Hong Kong Good Friday
19-Apr-19 Poland Good Friday
19-Apr-19 Canada Good Friday
19-Apr-19 New Zealand Good Friday
19-Apr-19 USA Good Friday
19-Apr-19 France Good Friday
19-Apr-19 Switzerland Good Friday
19-Apr-19 Spain Good Friday
20-Apr-19 Australia Easter Saturday
21-Apr-19 Australia Easter Sunday
22-Apr-19 Australia Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 Great Britain Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 Germany Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 France Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 Switzerland Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 Hong Kong Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 Poland Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 Spain Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 New Zealand Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 Israel Passover
23-Apr-19 Australia Easter Tuesday
23-Apr-19 Spain Castile and León Community Day
23-Apr-19 Spain St Georges Day
23-Apr-19 New Zealand Southland Anniversary Day
23-Apr-19 Israel Passover
24-Apr-19 Israel Passover
25-Apr-19 Israel Passover
25-Apr-19 Australia Veterans Day
25-Apr-19 New Zealand Anzac Day
29-Apr-19 Japan Showa Day
30-Apr-19 Japan Holiday
30-Apr-19 China Labour Day
1-May-19 Germany Labour Day
1-May-19 France Labour Day
1-May-19 Switzerland Labour Day
1-May-19 Hong Kong Labour Day
1-May-19 Poland Labour Day
1-May-19 Russia Labour Day
1-May-19 Spain Labour Day
1-May-19 China Labour Day
1-May-19 Japan Emperor's Coronation
2-May-19 Spain Community Festival of Madrid
2-May-19 Japan Public Holiday
3-May-19 Poland Constitution Day
3-May-19 Japan Constitution Day
4-May-19 Japan Greenery Day
5-May-19 Japan Children's Day
6-May-19 Great Britain Early May Bank Holiday
6-May-19 Australia Labour Day
6-May-19 Spain Children's Day
8-May-19 Israel Remembrance Day
9-May-19 Israel Independence Day
9-May-19 Russia Victory Day
13-May-19 Hong Kong Buddha's Birthday
15-May-19 Spain Feast of St. Isidro
17-May-19 Spain Galician Literature Day
20-May-19 Canada Victoria Day
27-May-19 Great Britain Spring Bank Holiday
27-May-19 USA Remembrance Day
27-May-19 Australia Reconciliation Day
30-May-19 Switzerland Ascension Day
30-May-19 France Ascension Day
30-May-19 Spain Ascension Day
30-May-19 Germany Ascension Day
31-May-19 Spain Castilla-La Mancha
3-Jun-19 New Zealand Queen's Birthday
3-Jun-19 Australia Western Australia Day
7-Jun-19 China Dragon Boat Festival
7-Jun-19 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival
9-Jun-19 Israel Shavuot
10-Jun-19 Australia Queen's Birthday
10-Jun-19 Switzerland Whit Monday
10-Jun-19 France Whit Monday
10-Jun-19 Germany Whit Monday
10-Jun-19 Spain Day of Murcia 
10-Jun-19 Spain La Rioja Day
12-Jun-19 Russia Russia Day
13-Jun-19 Spain Feast of St Anthony
20-Jun-19 Switzerland Corpus Christi
20-Jun-19 Germany Corpus Christi
20-Jun-19 Spain Corpus Christi
20-Jun-19 Poland Corpus Christi
21-Jun-19 Canada National Aboriginal Day
23-Jun-19 Switzerland Fête d'Indépendance
24-Jun-19 Canada Discovery Day 
24-Jun-19 Canada The National Holiday of Quebec
24-Jun-19 Spain Feast of St John the Baptist
29-Jun-19 Switzerland Saint Peter and Saint Paul
1-Jul-19 Canada Canada Day
3-Jul-19 USA Independence Day
9-Jul-19 Canada Nunavut Day
14-Jul-19 France Bastille Day
15-Jul-19 Canada Orangeman's Day
15-Jul-19 Japan Marine Day
15-Jul-19 Spain St. James' Day
28-Jul-19 Spain Day of Cantabria Institutions
1-Aug-19 Switzerland National Day
1-Aug-19 Hong Kong Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
5-Aug-19 Australia Picnic Day
5-Aug-19 Canada Civil Day 
5-Aug-19 Canada Heritage Day
5-Aug-19 Spain Our Lady of Africa
11-Aug-19 Israel Fast day
11-Aug-19 Japan Mountain Day
12-Aug-19 Spain Aid El Kebir
12-Aug-19 Japan Mountain Day
14-Aug-19 Australia Ekka People's Day
15-Aug-19 Switzerland Dormition of the Mother of God
15-Aug-19 Germany Dormition of the Mother of God
15-Aug-19 Spain Dormition of the Mother of God
15-Aug-19 France Dormition of the Mother of God
15-Aug-19 Poland Dormition of the Mother of God
19-Aug-19 Canada Discovery Day
26-Aug-19 Great Britain Summer Bank Holidays
2-Sep-19 Canada Labor Day
2-Sep-19 USA Labor Day
2-Sep-19 Spain Ceuta Day
5-Sep-19 Switzerland Jeûne genevois
9-Sep-19 Switzerland Knabenschiessen
9-Sep-19 Spain Day of Asturias 
9-Sep-19 Spain Day of Extremadura
11-Sep-19 Spain National Day of Catalonia
13-Sep-19 China Mid-Autumn Festival
15-Sep-19 Switzerland Swiss Federal Fast
15-Sep-19 Spain Lady of Aparecida
16-Sep-19 Switzerland Bettagsmontag
16-Sep-19 Japan Respect for the Aged Day
17-Sep-19 Spain Day of Melilla
23-Sep-19 Japan Autumnal Equinox Day
23-Sep-19 New Zealand South Canterbury Day
24-Sep-19 Japan Holiday
25-Sep-19 Switzerland Saint Nicholas of Flüe
27-Sep-19 Australia Grand Final Eve
29-Sep-19 Israel Rosh Hashanah
30-Sep-19 Israel Rosh Hashanah
30-Sep-19 Australia Queens Birthday
1-Oct-19 Hong Kong National Day
1-Oct-19 Israel Rosh Hashanah
1-Oct-19 China National Day
2-Oct-19 China National Day
3-Oct-19 China National Day
3-Oct-19 Germany German Unity Day
4-Oct-19 China National Day
5-Oct-19 China National Day
6-Oct-19 China National Day
7-Oct-19 China National Day
7-Oct-19 Hong Kong Double Ninth Festival
7-Oct-19 Australia Labor Day 
7-Oct-19 Australia Queens Birthday
8-Oct-19 Israel Judgement Day
9-Oct-19 Israel Yom Kippur
12-Oct-19 Spain Hispanic Day
13-Oct-19 Israel Sukkot
14-Oct-19 Israel Sukkot
14-Oct-19 Canada Thanksgiving Day
14-Oct-19 Japan Health and Sports Day
14-Oct-19 USA Columbus Day
15-Oct-19 Israel Sukkot
16-Oct-19 Israel Sukkot
17-Oct-19 Israel Sukkot
20-Oct-19 Israel Simchat Torah
21-Oct-19 Israel Simchat Torah
25-Oct-19 New Zealand Hawkes Bay Anniversary Day
28-Oct-19 New Zealand Labor Day
31-Oct-19 Germany Day of Reformation
1-Nov-19 Switzerland All Saints' Day
1-Nov-19 Germany All Saints' Day
1-Nov-19 Poland All Saints' Day
1-Nov-19 Spain All Saints' Day
1-Nov-19 France All Saints' Day
3-Nov-19 Japan Culture Day
4-Nov-19 Japan Culture Day
4-Nov-19 Russia Day of Unity
4-Nov-19 New Zealand Marlborough Anniversary Day
5-Nov-19 Australia Melbourne Cup Day
9-Nov-19 Spain Our Lady of the Almudena
11-Nov-19 Canada Remembrance Day
11-Nov-19 Poland Independence Day
11-Nov-19 France Armistice Day
11-Nov-19 USA Veterans Day
15-Nov-19 New Zealand Christchurch Show Day
20-Nov-19 Germany Repentance Day
23-Nov-19 Japan Labour Thanksgiving Day
28-Nov-19 USA Thanksgiving Day
29-Nov-19 USA Thanksgiving Day
2-Dec-19 New Zealand Chatham Islands Anniversary Day 
2-Dec-19 New Zealand Westland Anniversary Day
3-Dec-19 Spain Feast of St Francis Xavier
6-Dec-19 Spain Constitution Day
8-Dec-19 Switzerland Immaculate Conception Day
8-Dec-19 Spain Immaculate Conception Day
9-Dec-19 Spain Immaculate Conception Holiday
24-Dec-19 Australia Christmas Eve
24-Dec-19 Great Britain Christmas Eve
24-Dec-19 Poland Christmas Eve
24-Dec-19 USA Christmas Eve
25-Dec-19 Australia Christmas
25-Dec-19 Great Britain Christmas
25-Dec-19 Germany Christmas
25-Dec-19 France Christmas
25-Dec-19 USA Christmas
25-Dec-19 Hong Kong Christmas
25-Dec-19 Canada Christmas
25-Dec-19 Poland Christmas
25-Dec-19 Spain Christmas
25-Dec-19 Switzerland Christmas
25-Dec-19 New Zealand Christmas
26-Dec-19 Australia Day after Christmas
26-Dec-19 Canada Day after Christmas
26-Dec-19 New Zealand Day after Christmas
26-Dec-19 France Day after Christmas
26-Dec-19 Hong Kong Day after Christmas
26-Dec-19 Great Britain Day after Christmas
26-Dec-19 Spain Day after Christmas
26-Dec-19 Germany Day after Christmas
26-Dec-19 Switzerland Saint Stephen's Day
26-Dec-19 Germany Saint Stephen's Day
26-Dec-19 France Saint Stephen's Day
26-Dec-19 Australia Proclamation Day
31-Dec-19 Australia Market Holidays
31-Dec-19 Australia New Year's Eve
31-Dec-19 Great Britain New Year's Eve
31-Dec-19 Germany New Year's Eve
31-Dec-19 France New Year's Eve
31-Dec-19 Poland New Year's Eve
31-Dec-19 Spain New Year's Eve
31-Dec-19 China New Year's Eve
31-Dec-19 Japan New Year's Eve

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